Team Info

Varsity Letter Requirements

You can earn a varsity letter for your participation on the robotics team! To earn the letter, you must accumulate 500 points. You can earn points in these five ways:

  • Every hour of team meeting attendance is worth 2 points.
  • Each dollar of fundraising, not including sponsorships, is worth 1 point.
  • Participating at a whole competition gets you 10 points.
  • Mentoring an FTC® or FLL® team is worth 3 points per hour.
  • Community service outside of robotics is worth 2 points per hour.

Expectations for Team Members

A Lakeshore FRC team member will:

  • Be a positive and productive member of the team
  • Be a good citizen
  • Be punctual and proactive
  • Start on time, end on time
  • Check team communications regularly for event schedule
  • Maintain current GPA at all times during season

BOSCH Scholarship Opportunity Available!

Read the relevant email here to read up on the details.

You can download the relevant PDFs below.

Application Scholarship

Key Dates:

Dates Description
February 26, 2016 Deadline for students to submit their package to Team Representative – Mr. Portis
March 11, 2016 Teams submit completed applications for no more than two nominees to SMS (third party organization managing scholarship program for Bosch)
April 11, 2016 SMS notifies Bosch of award recipients
April 18, 2016 SMS notifies all nominees of status
August 2016 SMS mails checks to student recipients (payable to designated college/university)

Alumni and Internships

Lakeshore Robotics Team Student Handbook

You can read the handbook through the embed here. You can open it in a new tab here.

The Registration and Code of Conduct Form can be downloaded as a PDF here.