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Design Team

The Design team is where work on the robot begins. They use CAD software to design parts in a 3D environment and assemble them to create a robot. Students learn these skills in classes at school and through team participation. The team makes prints of the parts to be made so the Build team has exact measurements to use for all the components that need to be manufactured. The Design team also creates a Bill of Materials, which is a competition requirement.

  • “I joined Robotics because it is a fine club with great people, and I hope to use the skills I learn here in my future occupation.” Drew Craven
  • “I was told there was cake.” Michael Zitta
  • "I thought it would be cool to learn a new skill and also I like seeing ideas be finished." Caitlyn Grier

Build Team

The Build team manufactures parts and builds the robot. Team members have a variety of top-notch fabrication and construction skills, including welding, drilling, and shaving. Students learn these skills in classes at school and through team participation. Components are made from metal, wood, and plastic. The build team turns our robot from a computer model into a material thing.

  • "Interesting after school activity, sounded like a great use of time" Michael Grier
  • “I joined robotics because I like engineering and I joined build because I like to work with my hands.” Madeline Dale
  • "I joined build because I had prexisting skils in building things." Cooper Strebeck
  • "Robotics is the place for me because ever since I was little I enjoyed working with my hands and building things." Logan Pechtel

Electrical Team

The Electrical team is responsible for creating the nervous system of the robot by using wires to connect motors and sensors to the main controller. The controller acts like the brain, into which the programmers’ code is loaded. Wires act like nerves and motors like muscles. Sensors are used to allow the robot to determine position when running in autonomous mode. Students learn the necessary skills on their own or through team participation. Very few, if any, of the skills are taught in classes at school.

  • "I always liked electronics" Kyle Vanderweide
  • "I was interested in building the bot and attending competitions." Brad Hoose
  • "I joined the team because I plan to have a future in electrical engineering." Emma Schmidt

Programming Team

The Programming team creates the spark of life in the robot using C++ code, which students learn either in class at school or through team participation. The programmers’ code tells the robot what to do in the numerous situations it may encounter, whether operating in manual or autonomous mode (competition rules require both). The code tells motors when to activate, and this combination of motor activations allows the robot to move fluidly. The code also gets values from the sensors and uses those values to tell the motors how much to move. Programming team members act as the drivers in the competition.

  • "It teaches me things that are useful for my future." Maanasa Bommineni
  • “I like programming because it teaches me things they don’t teach in schools, and I like the experience.” Mark Washington

Marketing Team

The Marketing and Communications team develops the team business plan and marketing strategy and handles both internal and external communications. During competition season, the team applies for awards, and develops a strategy for marketing our team as an important part of overall game strategy. A student communications director is in charge of issuing team emails, and regularly updating our social media presence. They organize fundraising activities and apply for grants. They promote the Lakeshore Robotics Team and FIRST through presentations to sponsors, and conduct community outreach activities. They also advise the Website team on content for the team website. Finally, the Marketing and Communications team interacts with the media, providing articles for the school district newsletter and community newspapers as well as handling radio interviews.

  • “I joined the marketing team because I believed it would be a great experience with learning computer skills and other useful skills needed in future careers.” Dana Conard

Web Design Team

The Webdesign team is in charge of designing, developing, and maintaining our website, which is a critically important internal and external communications tool. They work closely with the Marketing and Communications team. Their goal is to create a website that looks professional and is user-friendly. Team members update information and provide interactivity using HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. The website is both an external face of the team and an internal communications hub for the team.

  • "I joined the webdesign team because it offered powerful insight into the career I plan to pursue." Jacob Margherone
  • "I thought it’d be cool to join a club" Ashley Jarria