Team Lance-A-Bot Through the Years

The Lakeshore Robotics Team was founded in 2011 by coaches Brad Smith and Jon Woodard. Since then the team has grown exponentially to include team members from numerous backgrounds - artists, athletes, performers, and those who are simply passionate about robots. Team 4237 is part of the FIRST Robotics program founded by Dean Kamen to encourage a love of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in young people, and to fundamentally re-shape the demographic of society. In six weeks the team (currently about 40 students) designs and creates a robot that can complete a task assigned at the beginning of the season. The students must be passionate and driven while working together to create, and eventually compete with, a robot that will meet the requirements of the year's game.


March 11th - 12th 2016 St. Joseph Competition

Our first regional event of the season, the team competed two days, Friday and Saturday, for a chance to earn points to get to state, and awards. Our Dean’s List and Woodie Flowers nominees were judged at this event.

Mar 2016

February 23, 2016 Bag’n’Tag

The final day of build season, the team met until 11:30pm to finish the robot and put it in a bag, then the team was essentially hands-off till competition.

Feb 2016

2016 Build Season

The team worked for six weeks to design and create a robot that will meet the years challenge, Stronghold. The robot this year must cross defences, shoot “boulders” and climb a tower to achieve maximum points.

Feb 2016

2016 Kickoff

Kickoff was January 9th, and the game was announced to be FIRST Stronghold.

Trailer Jan 2016

2015 Recycle Rush

2015 was a year of great change for the team. All but one of the leadership positions was filled with a new student, and measures were undertaken to expand the team’s marketing, offseason, student-body awareness, and community outreach. We competed in two regional competitions and won the Industrial safety award at one, and the Hard Hat Safety award at the other.

Trailer 2015

2014 Aerial Assist

The highlight of this season was the team getting to meet Dean Kamen himself at the St. Joseph regional event! The team did well overall in competition, captaining an alliance at the St. Joseph event and overcoming challenges as they rose up.

Trailer 2014

2013 Ultimate Ascent

Year two saw a lot of changes made to the team based on the lessons of year one. The website was changed, the business plan improved, and the structure of the team altered to better serve our needs. We competed in two regional events and won the Industrial Safety Award.

Trailer 2013

2012 Rebound Rumble

Our rookie year, we created the foundation of our team - deciding on the structure of student leaders, making decisions about team protocol, and learning about FIRST and it’s culture. We competed at two regional events, won the Rookie All Star Award, and advanced to state.

Trailer 2012

Team Founded

Team Lance-A-Bot was founded in Fall 2011 by Brad Smith. Our team’s name, “Team Lance-A-Bot,” and robot’s name, “Sir Lance-A-Bot,” are based on the school’s mascot, the Lancer.

Team Email
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