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November 2015 Monthly Report (Pre-Competition)

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team started working on an original, 6-part youtube series, “The Kingdom of Camabot”, about
the knights of the FIRST table. They have worked on publicity for Lancer-Bot-Mania, the FIRST LEGO League
competition at Lakeshore Middle School on December 5th. The Marketing team arranged for a radio interview about
Lancer-Bot-Mania. They also organized a Culver’s fundraiser night that raised $522.11.

Build Team

The Build Team worked on prototypes for a pneumatics board and an encoder board to help teach team members
new skills. They also finished the cart to carry the robot, built the tables for the FIRST LEGO League
competition, and built the LEGO kits for the event.

Design Team

The Design Team brought the lowerclassmen up to speed by working on these projects: pneumatic board,
dynamometer, cart, and encoder board. The team also worked on individual creative projects to help team
members familiarize themselves with the software.

Programming Team

The Programming Team has been busy teaching new members the basics of C++.

Electrical Team

The Electrical Team has been finishing up a board to control all electronics for the robot. They have
also been working on a board for the programmers to test the sensors on. Finally, the Electrical
Team is working on the LIDAR, a device that uses lasers to measure distance.

Web Design Team

The Web Design Team worked on the maintenance of the team's website.