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December 2015 Monthly Report

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team began preparing this year’s sponsorship presentations and did research for the
team website. Their special contribution to the FLL competition was a table with children’s activities
(a coloring page and activity sheets about FIRST and safety), and a display about a recalled surge protector
sold for use in homes, hospitals, businesses and schools.

Build Team

The Build Team added underglow to the robot cart and worked on the dynamometer. They built the tables and
LEGO kits for the FIRST LEGO League competition, then helped at the event by doing set up and tear down of
the the competition field.

Design Team

The Design Team brought the lower classmen up to speed by working on these projects: pneumatics board,
dynamometer, cart, and encoder board. The team also worked on individual creative projects to help team
members familiarize themselves with the SolidWorks CAD software.

Programming Team

The Programming Team learned C++ and FIRST Robotics code. They also introduced new members to
testing and debugging code using last year’s robot.

Electrical Team

The Electrical Team worked on the dynamometer, underglow for the robot cart, a system for the
programmers to test the sensors on, and other small projects. They dressed up our mechanum bot for the
FLL Lancer-Bot-Mania Competition by adding 2 large, red, rotating lights. Since starting team meetings
in September, the Electrical Team has continued to work on the "camera crawler," a project for a local
engineering application. That activity began over the summer. Finally, the Electrical Team is working
on the LIDAR, a device that uses lasers to measure distance.

Web Design Team

The Web Design Team worked on the maintenance of the team's website, based on the suggestions from
the marketing team.